Maria Montessori Study Visits

AMI gladly welcomes visitors to the study of Maria Montessori. Generally, visits can be arranged from Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Please contact the AMI secretariat ahead of your planned visit to arrange a time that is mutually convenient. Please check your travel schedule and tourist plans in Amsterdam in detail before contacting us, to speed up efficient planning of visits.

Phone: +31 (20) 679 8932

Email: [email protected]

Support the Maria Montessori House

Maria Montessori’s former study is preserved and open to the public at the AMI Head Office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The property next to AMI’s Head Office is currently being renovated to become the Maria Montessori House, including an exhibition space, research and archive centre of Maria Montessori’s published works and unpublished material, and a meeting space for discussion and knowledge sharing.

The generous support of major benefactors, Orcillia and Nicky Oppenheimer, enabled AMI to purchase this property. 

AMI is fundraising to support the rennovations of the Maria Montessori House.

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Maria Montessori's Study
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