Patrick Oudejans

Patrick Oudejans started his sports coaching career in 2005, working with children aged 6-12. He pursued a degree in Sports Management and Business (Hon. Bsc), graduating in 2014. Patrick's graduation thesis was conducted at the AFC Ajax youth academy, where he met Ruben. In 2013, Patrick received a job offer from Ajax as a Data Analyst, where he worked on Plan Cruyff. He also travelled internationally to explore football environments. Patrick left Ajax at the end of 2015 to join Cruyff Football and moved to Beijing in 2017 to start a pilot project integrating sports into Montessori environments. The successful pilot led to two fully operating Casa programmes with AMI-educated staff. In 2018, Patrick and Ruben founded Montessori Sports, enriching Montessori environments with sports to improve education for all children. The COVID-19 pandemic caused Patrick to move back to the Netherlands in 2020, resulting in the creation of an AMI-accredited programme for integrating sports into daily activities with children.