Ruben Jongkind

Movement and sports have always been Ruben Jongkind's passions. Starting out as a coach in 2006, he worked with several Dutch champions in athletics, triathlon and pentathlon before taking on the responsibility of coaching at the academy of Dutch Football Club Ajax Amsterdam.  Here Ruben was introduced to the Montessori philosophy through youth player Jamie Lawrence. Between 2011 and 2016, Ruben worked Johan Cruyff and brought in Montessori principles in the training environment of the academy. In 2018, together with Patrick Oudejans, Ruben founded Montessori Sports with the aim of using the power of sports to improve education for all children. Ruben went on to take AMI primary training, and in 2020 Montessori Sports signed a strategic partnership with AMI, with graduates currently spread across 73 countries.  Ruben has recently initiated the Montessori Sports Charity.