5th AMI Annual Conference Montessori, China

Sustainability and the Return to Humanity

Hangzhou, China

19-20 October 2019

The world we live in is at a critical juncture between the present and the future: with the development of modern science and technology, also comes the waste of resources and environmental pollution; human beings are increasingly alienated with mother nature; the gap between the rich and the poor is expanding; and people are becoming distant to their spirit self and rather drown in the material world… The long road of sustainable existence of mankind, urgently requires us to truly understand humanity, the place of human beings in the world, and ways to fulfill their responsibilities. To reach that goal, education is the key.

At the 5th AMI China annual conference, our focus is directed to the grand and profound theme of “Sustainability and the Return to Humanity” through education.

Mario Montessori said, “Certainly man has become conscious of much of what was unconscious in the beginning, but he is not yet aware that to continue to exist he must arrive at what he works at now only intuitively; to make one nation that includes the whole of humanity…But for that we are not yet ready. It will come in the next generations. It is a question of making use of the last cosmic agent: the child. If we take the child from infancy and allow him to develop his psychological powers and the potentialities within him, place him in relation with other men and make him realize what mankind has accomplished, then this will form the first step in the formation of the supraman, toward which humanity tends.”

The sustainable development of the world is our future. The return of human humanity will lead us to rethink about the consumerism, and education will leave the spark of hope on our children.


5th Montessori China Conference Poster