Mexico Congress

Montessori for Social Transformation

1-4 March 2023 at the Sheraton Hotel in the City of Chihuahua, Mexico

For this 28th edition of the traditional congress, the following speakers will be present: Lynne Lawrence (Executive Director of AMI), Alain Tschudin (President of AMI), Judi Orion (Director of Pedagogy of AMI), Silvia Dubovoy (Trainer and Director of the San Diego Montessori Institute Training Center), Christine Harrison (AMI Trainer for Managers and AMI Board Member), Erica Moretti (Researcher), Carolina Cerezuela (Ananda Director), Judith Espinosa (HORME Coordinator), Ana Camila Jiménez (AMI Trainer 6-12), Cesar Gonzalez (Director of Villa Montessori) and Gerardo Mendive (International Speaker).