AMI Board Members, Association Montessori Internationale



Listed 21 July 2022

To: All AMI members

As a member of the Association Montessori Internationale, you will be aware that AMI is governed by an international Board, nominated by its members. The Board plays an important role in the strategic direction of the Association.

The AGM in April 2023 will be required to approve 3 new candidates to the Board, two of whom, due to the current composition of the Board, must be AMI Diploma Holders. ( By-law3b )

Two Board Members Jennifer Davidson (USA) and Jacquie Maughan (USA) are due to retire in April 2023 having faithfully served AMI for the last eight years and completed their terms of office.

A 3rd vacancy arises later this year when our current President, Philip O Brien, hands over to his successor, Alain Tschudin, and finishes his term in office. This position is to be filled by an appropriately experienced and qualified non Diploma holder.

We are currently seeking nominations for these three Board positions. The Board is hoping to augment its current expertise and geographical representation and is open to receiving nominations from candidates with a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets.

AMI is committed to ensuring the Board membership is representative of its international nature. The Board currently is comprised of individuals from the USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, U.K and Ireland.

Candidates should also be able to show demonstrable commitment to the global work of AMI or other educational or humanitarian organisations. We are attaching two position profiles, one for the Diploma holder vacancies and one for the open vacancy together with nomination forms. We hope that you may know of someone to nominate whom you feel would be a valuable addition to the Board. A brief introduction to the current AMI Board can be found on our website.

Nomination Procedure

Each nomination must be supported by at least one legal body (i.e. Affiliated Society or Training Centre), or two Board members, or 25 individual members (By-law 3f). Nominations must be marked for the attention of the Nominating Committee and be received by: Wednesday, 14 September 2022.

Email Nico Vasseur to request the required nomination forms and further details: [email protected].

We thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

On behalf of the AMI Board Nomination Committee

Christine Harrison