Associazione Scuola Montessori, Como


Primary (3-6), Elementary (6-12)

Listed 24 December 2018

AMI-Trained Montessori Teachers age groups  3-6 and  6-11, English Native Speakers, full-time in Como, Italy

From September 2019 on we are looking for  English-speaking Montessori Teachers on a full-time basis who will work together with our English teachers in organizing English language activities.

At our Italian Montessori school "Associazione Scuola Montessori" in Como, our children normally carry out their activities in an Italian environment but they are also exposed  to the English language both in class and in special English language lab actitivities. We follow the natural approach and see the English language as the key to both understand the world and communicate in an intercultural environment.

Located in a beautiful lake and hill setting near Switzerland, we provide our children with daily opportunities to discover, understand and respect nature, also through our school food garden and our intercultural programmes (i.e. Erasmus+, e-Twinning, Europedirect, AFS Intercultura, etc.).

If you have a firm understanding of the Montessori approach proven by your AMS or AMI Montessori Teacher/Assistant Diploma, are always eager to learn more and are a caring, trustful and open-minded person then please send your CV, motivational letter and references in English to:

Marzia Luzzini - School Principal -  e-mail: [email protected].

For further information please have a look at: