Barwaaqo Universit, Baliga Cas Village



Listed 4 July 2022

Montessori Teacher & Trainer (Instructor)

Faculty at Barwaaqo University are responsible for the academic, social-emotional, and character development of the young women who attend our school, empowering them to become the professionals and drive development through their communities. They have three main areas of responsibility: classroom instruction, student life, and peer support or duty to the community. Faculty are actively involved in nurturing scholars and leaders through academic and student life programming in order to prepare them for the world of work in Somaliland. Faculty work directly with the students inside and outside of the classroom, leading them to success through teaching, coaching, advising, mentoring, disciplining, and evaluating.

Job Purpose

  • Teach approximately 16-18 hours each week of formal Montessori theory and practice classes to Barwaaqo students on dates determined by the master schedule. (Increased responsibilities in other areas often result in reduced teaching hours).
  • Help guide a group of Barwaaqo students in their 2-year program to complete their Montessori Primary Albums (3-6 years old)
  • Help with the Barwaaqo Village Primary School which is a Montessori lab school
  • Build professional relationships with students in the classroom and understand who they are as people.

If you are an exceptional candidate who would like to make an impact, we will welcome welcome your application.

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