Cardiff Montessori School, Cardiff

Teacher, Assistant

Primary (3-6)

Listed 28 August 2023

3-6 trainee / recently qualified guide vacancy

Cardiff Montessori School is seeking a 3-6 support teacher to work in our Children's House. This is a class of 30 students. The class has approximately ten students aged 3, ten aged 4 and ten aged 5. The appointed individual would work alongside the AMI trained 3-6 lead teacher, and a teaching assistant. 

During the morning workcycle the lead teacher and support teacher have active roles in the class while the teaching assistant spends most of their time completing observations, assisting students with personal care and material making. In the afternoons all 3 members of the team take an active role as students transition to lunch and outdoor play before settling back into class for a short workcycle or afternoon activity. 

Roles and Responsibilities include: 

  • Working alongside the lead role of the environment. 
  • Supporting children in making their choices of activity. 
  • Supporting the children in completing their activity. 
  • Maintaining the environment throughout the day.
  • Being prepared to lead whole class groups when needed.
  • Working as part of a team to plan outdoor/afternoon activities. 
  • Creating materials for the class as needed. 
  • To step into other roles in the team when necessary including covering for the lead teacher (and giving presentations in their absence depending on level of teaching qualification) 

To apply please email: [email protected] with a CV and cover letter.

School website: