Educacio Akua SL, Santa Coloma De Cervelló

Academic Director

Assistants to Infancy (0-3), Primary (3-6), Elementary (6-12)

Listed 14 May 2021

Competences and responsibilities of the Pedagogical Director/Directress

  • Is responsible for directing and coordinating the educational action of the School and ensuring its quality.
  • Innovates, modifies and integrates new educational forms aligned with the educational project as well as its execution and monitoring processes in the School.
  • Exercises the leadership of the teaching staff at the pedagogical level. Anticipates and organizes accordingly for optimal pedagogical performance. Creates a motivating and conciliatory environment with team leadership.
  • Summons and presides over the academic events and the meetings of the Collegiate Bodies of the School.
  • Executes the agreements of the Collegiate Bodies.
  • Endorses the certifications and academic documents of the School.
  • Ensures compliance with the school calendar, school and non-school hours, order and the rules of coexistence.
  • Promotes tutorial action, convenes evaluation meetings and
  • coordinates the recovery process.
  • Pedagogical training for the team if applicable.
  • Complies with the established and agreed times.
  • Any other function that is required according to the pedagogical and management needs of the School.


  • Bachelor of Science in Education, Pedagogy or similar (valid qualification in Spain).
  • Montessori guide qualification.
  • Work and/or residence permit in Spain.
  • Experience in pedagogical coordination or direction in a Montessori Center or similar in Pre-school, Primary and Secondary stages.