Freie Montessori Schule Main-Kinzig-Kreis, near Frankfurt

Elementary (6-12), Adolescents (12-18)

Listed 1 May 2018

We are applying to you!

Montessori Teacher (Adolescents 12-15) and/or Science Expert

In our three prepared environments: children’s house (3-6 years) elementary school (6-12 years) and secondary school (13-15 years) - young people study and work from childhood to adolescence.

Our educational secondary school team is looking for a Montessori teacher to guide the studies and work of our 45 young adolescents.

We have a job opening for a Montessori-guide with an AMI 6-12 Diploma and/or Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies (12-18) (AMI/NAMTA) and/or an expert in science starting in August 2018.

Goals of our everyday work:

  • Pedagogics instead of management
  • A healthy work environment
  • A respectful and friendly work atmosphere
  • Teamwork instead of individual struggles

To reach these goals we work in compliance with Montessori pedagogy according to the international standards of AMI (Association Montessori International) and offer supervision, transparency and a flat hierarchy.

Further information about our school concept can be looked up under

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us: Sabine Katzmann, Susen Schorn or Nina Villwock (phone: 06051/977592 and email [email protected]).