Homeschooling, London


Assistants to Infancy (0-3), Primary (3-6)

Listed 2 February 2023

Looking for an AMI accredited Montessori teacher for home-schooling/development for our 2 sons: 3.5 years old and 1.5 years old, to start now.

We live in Central London, Chelsea.

We have 2 large living room-size play/learn areas with Montessori equipment, and the children have agency in all rooms of the house and participate in all its areas & activities. We have direct access from our living room backdoor to a very large shared private garden, where the children have the freedom to go out to, on their own whenever they like, do gardening/ sandpit and play with neighbouring children.

We have great resources at walking distance for children in our area: the best 2 parks in London (Battersea Park & Hyde Park) for their nature and playgrounds, museums, music halls, libraries.

We have a live-in cook/cleaner + a daily morning cleaner, who is responsible for children's laundry and cleaning, so that the teacher can be solely focused on learning through play all activities relating to education/equipment/outings.

We have a private room and bathroom for you on the top floor with 2 windows/natural light to live-in, if required. Your schedule will be Monday-Friday.

We spend most of our holidays in Greece in several of our holiday homes that are in unique natural settings: islands, olive groves, mountain and sea coast. We like bringing the children & teacher there as they have a lot to learn from nature.

We will offer a competitive salary based on the level of experience.