Lotti and Maxim English Montessori Kindergarten


Assistants to Infancy (0-3), Primary (3-6)

Listed 23 February 2018

We are Lotti and Maxim Montessori School. We are building the foundations ofnot only the first AMI Montessori school in the area, but with a true Montessori setting, with a fully AMI trained teachers, in an environment designed by Montessorians.

If you are an AMI teacher, or currently training, desiring to teach real Montessori, we want to talk with you. We only seek those who are serious about their vision to become the best they can be.

Our requirements are simple. Native English, or an excellent ability to speak English. AMI diploma, or in AMI training. A deep desire to provide Montessori education to a classroom of children who are eager to learn, with supportive parents who desire a real educational experience for their children, different from the rest.

We are seeking 2 Toddler trained teachers and 2 Casa trained teachers for our campuses:

  • AMI diploma, or currently in training in an AMI school
  • A serious commitment to authentic Montessori teaching
  • A willingness to be a key part of a team and a growing school
  • A minimum of one cycle (3 years) to work with your students

What we provide for you:

  • Logistical Support
  • Housing allowance
  • Insurance
  • Assistance with the process of getting your visa
  • A mentor to assist you with getting around, learning about the area, finding your day to day needs

To apply, email your CV and personal statement indicating why you think you are suitable for the position to [email protected] and we will contact you ASAP.