Montessori 21, Paris


Adolescents (12-18)

Listed 22 February 2019

Looking for a Montessori Adolescent Guide (12-18 years) in Paris.

The Federation of Montessori 21 schools is creating an establishment dedicated to 12-18 year olds (College + Montessori High School) in Paris as of September 2020. This project is in line with the desire of the AMI Program.

As of the next school year (2019/20), 10 teenagers from 12 to 13 years will transition until the premises (1000m2) of the park of the Villette are ready.
During this transition year, the project of these teenagers is to participate in the development of their future college, thanks to immersions in Montessori colleges in Sweden, United Kingdom, France, and also to a specific work with the architects of the project.

In this perspective, the Federation of Montessori 21 schools is looking for a Montessori adolescent guide starting this autumn and supporting the adolescents during this transition period and participating in the development of the future college (facilities, team, rules...).

If you are interested and do not have the 12-18 diploma, to be eligible you need to at least have a 3-6 or 6-12 diploma with a true experience in the management of children.

The recruited person will benefit from:

  • AMI 12-18 Training held during 5 weeks this summer in Sweden

  • Support (training, preparation, mentoring) of a confirmed AMI guide (3-6, 6-12 and 12-18) with a true experience in starting Montessori colleges internationally

Please send your application (CV and cover letter) to: [email protected]