New Plymouth Montessori School, New Plymouth


Primary (3-6)

Listed 1 May 2018

“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength.” Maria Montessori

We are seeking a teacher with a passion for Montessori and for the natural world and the outdoors. 

We have four casa classrooms with a large outdoor environment that the children can access freely throughout the day. This role requires a teacher who can design and implement an outdoor curriculum that has Montessori philosophy at its heart. Activities should be beautiful, purposeful, well organised and with a precise presentation. The same considerations that are given to philosophy in the indoor environment should also apply to the outdoors. It is different though – it is a large space accessed by 100 children. We are a purpose-built, community-based Montessori school with links to a local elementary Montessori programme. There is a possibility of this position developing into an indoor head-teacher role in time.

How does living on the west coast of New Zealand sound? With surf beaches and mountain walks, it is the NZ of which you have dreamt about, the city once voted the best little city in the world.

We are looking for a passionate Montessori teacher with good leadership, communication and team skills. A Bachelor of Education and AMI training preferred.

This position is available from term 3 (July) 2018 with some degree of flexibility.

For further information or to submit a Resume and letter of introduction, contact the principal [email protected]

The best teacher you can be is when you find the closest match to your.