Sekolah Montessori ERDKINDER Bali, Bali


Primary (3-6), Adolescents (12-18)

Listed 6 September 2022


Are you a passionate Montessori-Guide? (3-6 y. + adolescent)

If yes, this might be something special for you:

Have you ever dreamed about an unqiue opportunity to live for a little while on the magical island of Bali, the island of the gods? 

We are a social based, little holistic Montessori school in it’s forth year since we opened in August 2019. 

So, we survived COVID as a new project, with a border lockdown for 2 year – and since last April all is open again. NOW it is time to grow and attract beside of mainly local Balinese families also International ones, to get a stronger financial foundation in the future.  

Surrounded by the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of rice paddies  near the famous little town UBUD (the cultural, spiritual &art center), we are looking for 2 passionate, loving, reliable  and creative Montessori AMI trained & experienced educators (1 for our Casa dei Bambini, and 1 for our adolescent program) as VOLUNTEERS to bring a positive support (6 hours a day : Mon-Thur) to our well equipped Montessori ERDKINDER school. (minimum 6 months). 

From beginning of January 2023 on.

What we can offer:

  • A beautiful Montessori environment & a supportive Team and School Community
  • Balinese/Indon. Vegetarian food, cooked by our own cook
  • A lovely & cosy Guestroom + own bathroom
  • Help with Visa
  • Visit of cultural and religious/spiritual heritages & power places

If you feel touched inside of your heart and wish to apply, please send an email, including a CV and documents to our schools foundress, Mrs. Gertraud Neuner.

[email protected]

0062 821 4782 3913 (WhatsApp)