AMI Montessori 6–12 Foundation Certificate

Students who wish to attend an AMI Montessori 6–12 Diploma Course must hold the AMI Montessori 3–6 Diploma. Applicants who do not hold the AMI 3–6  Diploma are required to complete the AMI Montessori 6–12 Foundation Certificate course in order to attend the AMI Montessori 6–12 Diploma Course.

The Foundation Certificate courses provides a basic understanding of essential developmental theory and essential pedagogical principles as applied in Montessori education.

The purpose of the Foundation Certificate course is:

1. To aid the ‘discovery of the child’ and to understand the work of the first-plane child.

2. To understand the work of the Montessori adult in order to develop habits of observation and self-reflection and to prepare for the art of Montessori teaching; this includes developing controlled, precise movements, appropriate ways of speaking and listening, and an attitude of respect towards the child as well as embracing the collaborative role of the adult in the child's self-construction.

3. To understand key principles related to the development of movement; the refinement of the senses; the development of intelligence; the development of language; the development of the will; the individual work cycle; integration of the personality and normalisation; obedience; independence; freedom and discipline; and social cohesion.

4. To introduce the essential principles of Montessori pedagogy.

5. To support an understanding of the foundation for optimal 6–12 development created through experience in the 3–6 classroom and its relevance for the 6–12 teacher, particularly when working with a Second Plane child who lacks some aspect of this foundation.

Boys engaged in Montessori maths materials