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On 28th May 2012 the Association for the Development of Montessori Education in Romania (A.D.M.E.R.) was affiliated to Association Montessori Internationale (A.M.I.), thus joining the greater international family of Montessori educators.

A.D.M.E.R.'s vision is, following AMI's objectives, to uphold, propagate and further the pedagogical principles and practice formulated by Dr. Maria Montessori for the full development of the human being. In order to attain its vision, A.D.M.E.R.'s mission is to become a reference name in the Romanian education field; to establish partnerships with AMI and other international organizations which pursue similar aims, with the Romanian Ministry of Education, with universities, with local/central public administration bodies; to promote Montessori principles and practice among education stakeholders of Romania; to support the activity of Montessori schools in Romania.

The Montessori movement has experienced visible growth in Romania, as in the rest of the world. New Montessori Primary and Infant groups have been opening in Bucharest and in the rest of the country. This was possible due to the growing number of Montessori teachers trained both abroad and at Montessori Institute of Bucharest, the only institution in Romania offering Montessori courses.

The Romanian Montessori teachers and administrators gather in Bucharest and/or online, in the group of discussions [email protected] in order to work at various aspects of their daily classroom and school needs.

Parents are our main partners. They joyfully involve in our projects. Numerous classified cards and other language materials were translated with their specialized help too. The site, <> was translated into Romanian by a Montessori mother.

The special project for the orphanage of Singureni, initated by Montessori Institute of Bucharest with Patricia Walner's support is meant to help the founders of the orphanage introduce Montessori education to the children they have in care.

Miroslava Vlcova invited us to join the Programme Evaluation Committee for the Montessori Congress that will be held in Prague in 2017. Four people from A.D.M.E.R. will collaborate with this Committee: Mariana Ulita, Ana-Maria Brezniceanu, Florina Silivestru and Luciana Gheorghiu.

Our collaboration with the National Commission for Alternative Education is stronger. Anca Trifu, the new A.D.M.E.R.'s President, was invited as a speaker at the conference organized by this Commission in October 2015.

Our partnership with the University of Bucharest is in its third year. Ana-Maria Brezniceanu and Florina Silivestru were invited for lectures on Montessori education given to students from the Masters of Alternative Pedagogies and Dramatic Art.

We also continue our collaboration with Teach for Romania. We join their Leadership Summer Academy every year sharing knowledge about Montessori principles of education.

Publications and translations

January 2013 - Translation in Romanian of the site

May 2014 - The book “Discovery of the Child” translated in 1939 by Ilie Sulea Firu, was re-translated and published by Mr Marcel Capraru.

December 2015 - The book ”The Child in the Family”, by Maria Montessori was translated and launched at a book festival.

June 2016 - The book “Education and Peace”, by Maria Montessori was translated and launched at a book festival.


His Excellency, Mr. Hans Klemm, Ambassador of the United States of America in Bucharest, congratulated Ana-Maria Brezniceanu for founding the first Montessori school in Bucharest authorized by the Ministry of Education and honoured her with the award ”Entrepreneur of the Month” in November 2015.

After four years since  A.D.M.E.R. was born and affiliated to A.M.I., our Board experienced its first elections and we welcomed two new members: Gabriela Mihai trained for 3-6 by Maria Roth and Aura Cadis, trained for 3-6 by Madlena Ulrich and for 6-12 by Kay Baker. The new President is Anca Trifu and Vice-President is Ana-Maria Brezniceanu. Mariana Ulita is also a member of the Board.