Making Montessori work for the world.

We empower teachers and communities with Montessori education, helping children develop their potential to become truly capable individuals who make a difference in the world.

Founded by Maria Montessori, AMI is the steward of the Montessori educational approach developed over 100 years ago, building upon her work to apply it in every setting and to each child without compromising the integrity of the approach.

AMI’s Scientific Pedagogy Group together with the broader AMI community promote and continue the study, research, and reflection of Maria Montessori’s work, ensuring it remains contemporary and aligned with current insights in child development and education. This ensures that AMI teacher training and Montessori education consistently meet the highest standards of implementation across the globe.  

AMI supports Montessori training in four areas:

Our Global Research Committee collects, studies, and disseminates current and relevant scientific literature on child development and educational research. Through this ongoing assessment, we connect with scholarly leaders to establish Montessori as an integral part of educational approaches in government and independent sector schools at colleges and universities worldwide. 

AMI is currently establishing an open archive of Maria Montessori’s writings, both published works and unpublished material, to be translated, catalogued, and made available to scholars and researchers. This open archive will also be made available online.

Each year, Montessori communities around the world convene through regional study conferences, workshops, and refresher courses. Every four years, these regional communities gather at the global level for the AMI International Congress. These gatherings promote the continuous exchange of ideas, perspectives, and practices among those who advocate for social justice and peace through the international Montessori movement. View the calendar of international events here.