Booklets by Maria Montessori
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Booklets by Mario M. Montessori
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AMI Communications
On the theme of Peace (Euro 15.00)
On the theme of Language (Euro 15.00)
On the theme of the Adolescent (Euro 15.00)
Dedicated to the pedagogical legacy of Camillo Grazzin (Euro 7.50)
Executive Functioning, Practical Life (Euro 7.50)
Cosmic Education, Special Needs (Euro 7.50)
Absorbent Mind, Language, Outreach in Uganda (Euro 7.50)
Montessori and Empiral Research, Observation (Euro 7.50)
Cosmic Education, Presentation Materials in Casa, Parent Observation (Euro 7,50)
Cosmic Education, Parent Observation, The Prepared Environment, Outreach in Tibet (Euro 7.50)
History of San Lorenzo, Intelligence of the Child between Three and Six, Cosmic Education, Montessori and the Outdoors (Euro 7.50)
Montessori outreach in history, Mathematical Mind, Cosmic Education, The Role of the Specialist (Euro 7.50)
Foundation Human Being (0-3), Role of the Disciplines for Cosmic Education (Euro 7.50)
Control and Coordination of Movement, Liberty, Spiritual Freedom and Moral Responsibility (Euro 7.50)
Reports of previous year, financial reports, Board appointments, MM75 Fund (Euro 7.50)
Outreach in Bhutan, Primitive Man and the Child, secretarial report, trainers’ meeting (Euro 7.50)
Educateurs sans Frontières 2004, Games with Constructive Triangles, Montessori and Moral Development part 2, Why is the Ellipse an Ellipse and not a Circle? (Euro 7.50)
Cosmic Education at the Elementary Level and the Role of the Materials, 1949 San Remo Lecture IV, Montessori and Moral Development, part 1, Annual reports over the year previous (Euro 7.50)
San Remo Lectures: III, The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori, in Passionate Defence of Peace, Q &A The importance and role of food in the Montessori Infant Community (Euro 7.50)
The Formation of Mind Language, Learning and Logic in Early Childhood, San Remo Lectures: II Human Solidarity in Time and Space (Maria Montessori) (Euro 7.50)
San Remo Lectures: 1 The Creative Capacity of Early Childhood, Maria Montessori Why the Extended Work Period is Central to Montessori Elementary Pedagogy Question and Answer: Transition from Infant Community to Primary Reports year previous (Euro 7.50)
Grace and Courtesy and the Birth of Social Life, Meditation on Silence (Euro 7.50)
La Maestra (Maria Montessori), Education as an Agent of Peace (Euro 7.50)
Language and Thought, Glossary of Montessori Terms, various reports on the year previous (Euro 7.50)
Empowerment Through Education, The Mathematical Mind, The Perennial Question: Which Comes First, Multiplicand or Multiplier (Euro 7.50)
Maria Montessori and the Nobel Peace Prize, Chiarascoru, On the Subject of Subjects Part 1: 'Cultural Subjects' in the Children's House (Euro 7.50)
What About Free Expression?, Mario M. Montessori, Question and Answer: Montessori Activities in After School Care Various reports on the year previous (Euro 7.50)
A Montessori Approach to Physical Education, 1946 Lecture on Movement by Maria Montessori (Euro 7.50)
Maria Montessori and Algebra: the Binomial Theorem, Lecture XI on Language, Karachi, 1946, on Maria Montessori (Euro 7.50)
Science and the Montessori Casa dei Bambini, Annette M.Haines Question and Answer: Is the Montessori Method not Outdated?, AMI Various reports on the year previous
Contrasting Land and Water Forms The Method in Practice, Moral Development, The Mind and the Hand (Euro 7.50)
Montessori Gift Sets/Souvenirs
Set of 5: Euro 10.00
Set of 5: Euro 10.00
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Set of 10 Cards: Euro 16.00
Set of 5: Bookmarks Euro 5.00
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