Each month we invite the Montessori community to pose questions they'd like answered by AMI.  Follow us on Instagram to submit your questions and we'll pick three each month to provide answers and post them here.

Can you provide insight on the prepared adult?
What is important for a first-year guide when implementing Montessori?
Have the colours for the pink tower, brown stair and red rods always been pink, brown, red? Have...
What makes Montessori Montessori?
Is there any facility to get scholarship for the AMI diploma?
With so many different phonic schemes being followed across the globe, which one is the most...
Are there any courses or workshops on helping those with dementia using Montessori materials and...
How is the adolescent programme shaping up to be implemented in more schools?
What is the best way to introduce a second language in Montessori?
What to do when children test limits that we set?
How does the Montessori method help in aiding the intelligence of the child?
How can I structure discipline in a Montessori classroom?