“Our principle concern must be to educate humanity - the human beings of all nations - in order to guide it toward seeking common goals. We must turn back and make the child our principal concern. The efforts of science must be concentrated on him, because he is the source of and the key to the riddles of humanity.” (Education and Peace)

Key features of all Montessori programmes: 

  • A Prepared Adult – knowledgeable of the developmental stage of the children, young adults, and adults that they are interacting with.
  • A Prepared Environment – beautiful, ordered, and designed for multi-age groupings, containing activities that respond to the specific needs of the age group. The prepared environment encompasses both internal and external spaces.

In these circumstances children, young adults, and adults find what is necessary for their individual development whilst gaining real life experiences of what it means to live a fulfilled life in the company of others; of what it means to exercise freedom of choice whilst also taking responsibility for the impact of their actions on the well-being of the community they live in and the earth that they live on.

Specific Montessori programmes are offered at the following levels:

There are also Montessori programmes for: