We would like to invite you to a series of online sessions that will be hosted by AMI.

Anyone with an interest in the social mission of Montessori is more than welcome to join the session which will be hosted on Zoom.

In more than 150 years since the birth of Maria Montessori, we reflect on her groundbreaking contribution in creating awareness around the potential of the child and their importance to human society and the fact that children do not find the conditions for life in adult society.

Some of the issues Montessori raised around the rights of the child during her lifetime have been given more prominence, while many challenges remain before every child will have the opportunity to develop to its full potential. The global pandemic has exacerbated inequality, particularly affecting children who were already marginalised.

The ideas of Maria Montessori are of the greatest importance, not only to children, teachers and parents, but to everyone interested in human development and progress. First appearing as a method of child education, her work is seen to be based on the deepest foundations and to point to the improvement of human life, on an individual, community and societal level.

Join us for these talks as we explore key global issues.

Details coming soon.

On 6 January 2023 Alain Tschudin and Takako Fukatsu presented the AMI Talk on the theme Cross Pollinating Peace.

On 15 November 2023 Prof. Adele Diamond, Ruben Jongkind and Patrick Oudejans presented the AMI Talk on The Importance of Movement.

On 31 August 2023 Eduardo Cuevas Gonzalez, Francescah Kipsoi and Lilian Wairimu Mwaura presented the AMI Talk on the importance of parent engagement. 

On 8 March 2023, Noah Sobe and Beverley Maragh presented the AMI Talk on Desired childhoods, adverse childhoods and the future of early childhood education.

On 6 January 2023, Victoria Johnson, Agnese Fontana and Rosario di Girolamo presented an AMI Talk on The Global Path of Montessori.

On Wednesday, 19 October 2022 Professor Pieter Verstraete and Uma Ramani presented the AMI Talk: The Educational Value of Silence.

On Wednesday 31 August 2022, marking Maria Montessori's birthday, Nicolina Montesano Montessori and Yoliswa Mahobe presented the AMI Talk on Connecting to Nature for a Healthy Society.

The AMI Talk on 19 May 2022 on Life Skills and Learning in Communities with Barbara Rogoff and Carolina Cerezuela is now available to watch (also with Spanish subtitles).

On 6 January 2022, on the historical date of the opening of the first Casa dei Bambini in 1907, we spoke with architects Benjamin Stæhli and Victoria Marwa Heilman on designing environments where children can thrive.

On 31 August 2021, AMI trainer Carla Foster shared with us The Art of Storytelling - how important it is for the elementary child, and how to perfect this art in our teachers.

On 8 March 2021, a day that pays tribute to equality on International Women's Day, Silvia C. Dubovoy and Ama van Dantzig discussed Women's Rights in the lastest AMI Talk session.

On 6 January 2021 AMI's Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF) hosted an online session to reflect on the legacy of Maria Montessori and explore the application of Montessori principles in today's world.