Association Maria Montessori de Côte d’Ivoire

Ivory Coast

The main goal for the creation of this society was to promote positively Maria Montessori’s ideas in the Ivory Coast. Fairly new to this country, the method has boomed in the last 4 years and Montessori schools are now being solicitated more and more. Unfortunately, many have misused the name “Montessori” to make it their own. The Society will be present to implement the name as it should. With the values intended. Her study of the child and the understanding of the development plans are amongst many others important concept that need to be expressed. 

Through this society Anam Hassam and her colleagues will go to different schools, universities, organize seminar and nanny information trainings to help understand the fundamentals and practical aspects of Montessori. 

They wish to also develop links between Montessori societies in French speaking West African countries. 

The new affiliate’s goal is to develop a school charter as many parents, educators and other move to different parts of the world and are looking for authentic Montessori school. 

These are their goals for the next 1-3 years and they hope that with the help and support of AMI and other societies they will be able to achieve them. 

Anam Hassam, Association Maria Montessori de Côte d’Ivoire