Association of the Montessori Mongolian Teachers


Tsolmon Namkhainyam

Apartment 101 Marshal Town
11th Khoroo Khan-Uul District

The Association of Mongolian Montessori Teachers (AMMT) was established via initiatives from local teachers on October 3, 2014, and during the same year became an AMI Affiliated Society.

The main goals of the AMMT are to provide better understanding of Montessori methods to Mongolian people, parents, teachers, and government officials; to encourage Montessori teaching in Mongolia and; to support parents and teachers in learning more about Montessori.

In 2014, the government of Mongolia updated its national policy on preschool policy to focus more on child development, considering their uniqueness and specific needs, and not just around the standardized curriculum.

Susan Mayclin Stephenson, an International Montessori Advocate visited Mongolia in October 2014, and provided valuable inputs and motivation to the AMMT to become the AMI Affiliated Society of Mongolia.

On October 15, 2014, the AMMT and “Minii ger” preschool co-organized the first official event on Montessori methods “World of my child”. One of the key speakers of the event was Susan M. Stephenson, who gave a presentation on “The Development of Universal Child”, and shared her experiences of working in many countries with local preschool teachers, parents, and representatives from academic institutions and governmental bodies.