Deutsche Montessori Gesellschaft e.V.

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+ (49) (611) 205 4872
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The Deutsche Montessori Gesellschaft was founded in Berlin in 1925, with the assistance of Maria Montessori. The aim of the society is to spread and support knowledge about Montessori pedagogy in Germany, and to work for exchange and in-service training for Montessori educators according to the principles of AMI.In November 2015, the DMG celebrated its 90th anniversary by hosting an international congress in Frankfurt. The congress took place from November 6th to 8th 2015 and attracted more than 250 guests and a number of international speakers: Former AMI President André Roberfroid, Prof. Dr. Harald Ludwig in his function as chief editor of the complete works of Maria Montessori that are currently published in German, Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva from India, the President of the Austrian Montessori Society Saskia Haspel and Jenny Marie Höglund and Lennart Höglund from Sätila Montessori Farm School in Sweden.Twice a year the DMG publishes an issue of its magazine DAS KIND (THE CHILD), covering different aspects of Montessori pedagogy, including current research regarding child development and education.In addition, the DMG has published a number of books: In 2015 an updated reprint of ‘Kosmische Erzählungen in der Montessori Pädagogik’ (Cosmic Tales in Montessori Education), including original texts by Maria and Mario Montessori, comments and recommendations by renowned authors such as Baiba Krumins-Grazzini, Camillo Grazzini, Greg McDonald and Peter Gebhardt-Seele, as well as supplementary key stories and charts.Currently the DMG board is laying an emphasis on promoting teachers’ workshops and conferences of the ‘Montessori Model United Nations’ (MMUN) to Montessori schools in Germany, being convinced that the MMUN activities have to play an important role in the German Montessori landscape; and supporting initiatives dealing with authentic Montessori education for the 3rd plane of development. Due to an extended demand in this context we hope to soon welcome an ‘AMI Adolescent Orientation Course’ in Germany.In its efforts to bring Maria Montessori’s ideas to the attention of a wider audience, the DMG has been involved in planning the ‘Montessori Europe 2016’ conference in Berlin from October 7th – 9th and a Montessori booth during DIDACTA, -Europe's largest and most important education trade fair - from February 14th - 18th 2017 in Stuttgart.Currently the following members belong to the DMG board: Rainer Völkel, Chairman, Andrea Donath, Dr. Ela Eckert, Kirsten Erb, Malve Fehrer, Christel Zapka.