The Finnish Montessori Union

+ (358) (40) 554-0986
Nuolitie 18C
02240 Espoo

The Finnish Montessori Society's (SML) aim is to support schools and children´s houses, and to increase knowledge of Montessori pedagogy among those working in Early Childhood Education across Finland.

The society achieves their aim by disseminating information and knowledge on Montessori pedagogy in the form of an annual 'Montessori Magazine' published by the society. DVD's are also distributed by the society, a new Finnish Montessori 3-6 DVD was released in 2015, and later in March 2016, the translation of the Aid to Life website was completed. There are plans to produce more DVD's on Montessori environments for the 0-3 and 6-12 age levels. SML organises lectures and Refresher courses for their collective members, and lectures open to all those interested.

In 2015, AMI Primary Trainer, Mrs. Marja-Leena Tyrväinen, and Mrs. Virpi Mustila took part in two different hearings and discussions, concerning the new Early Childhood Law at the House of Parliament in Finland.

The Board meets monthly and works on a voluntary basis. There are 300 individual members and 40 group members.