Indian Montessori Foundation

The Indian Montessori Foundation is a pan-Indian organisation founded with the vision of enabling children to reach their full potential through the principles of Montessori education leading towards a more harmonious and peaceful world. Its inception came after India hosted the 26th International Montessori Congress in Chennai, at the Kalakshetra Foundation in January 2009.

IMF’s aims include expanding awareness of Montessori philosophy throughout society, nurturing Montessori principles in schools, and promoting research and development of all aspects of Montessori education. They are also focussing on promoting AMI membership, supporting AMI Montessori training and unifying AMI Alumni throughout India.

IMF is gradually publishing more Montessori books in order that they can be more easily accessible in India. IMF offers subscribers an annual Journal titled 'Montessori Matters', and seven newsletters a year called 'The Touch Board'. Recently it brought out The Silver Spoon Series (50 booklets in two box sets for young readers).