Montessori ItaliA

Montessori ItaliA was established in December 2019; with 8 women on the board. There has been a recent renewed interest in Montessori education in Italy, and there has been an increasing risk of propagation and the spread of inauthentic Montessori. Their motto is ‘global vision, local action’. The society wishes to resolve this and become advocates for clarity so that this renewed enthusiasm comes with strength and authenticity. 

The affiliate started at a point of common interest in the city of Bergamo, where the first AMI training centre was founded by Mario Montessori and Camillo Grazzinni; they wish to highlight the legacy of both AMI training centres in Bergamo and Perugia. Since the effected growth of the Montessori approach requires a focus on both the Casa and Elementary years. It seems only appropriate to have an association as a reference point for genuine Montessori theory and method in Italy, Maria’s native land. We look forward to working together harmoniously.

Picture here is MIA President Natalie Paul.

Natalie Paul, MIA President