Montessori México

5255-5615-8031 & 5255-5615-8032
Ciclon 1 Int. 5, Col. Jardines del Pedregal de San Angel, Del Alvaro Obregon
Mexico 01900

Montessori México has 24 associates, of which 13 are Mexican AMI Trainers.

The official Board of Directors were appointed during MM's General Assembly, which was held in México City in June 2016.Montessori México continues to organise an annual Mexican Congress, inviting associates, trainers, partners and members across Latin America to meet, discuss relevant topics and attend lectures from key speakers. The XXI Mexican Congress, in Mexico City, took place on 1 - 4 March 2017. The following speakers included: AMI Executive Director, Lynne Lawrence and AMI Trainers: Judith Orion, Baiba Krumins-Grazzini and Maria Teresa Vidales.

The society have been very successful in their distribution of Montessori books, which are published by Pierson in Spanish, and sent to individuals and organisations across Mexico and other Latin American countries. They are currently distributing seven books, the most recent titled "Il Bambino in Famiglia", which has been translated to Spanish, by Guadalupe Borbolla.

Their web site includes the following sections: Frequent Questions about Montessori; Job Opportunities; Training Centers; Congress; What's Montessori.