Montessori Norge

+47 22 83 40 00
Torggata 10
0181 Oslo

The Norwegian Montessori Society is a membership organisation working for the interests of all the Montessori schools and preschools in Norway. Currently, they have around 35 kindergartens and almost 80 schools in Norway, and 20 of the schools also have an adolescence program for the 12-15 age group.Their mission is to spread knowledge about, and increase the interest for the Montessori pedagogy in Norway. They are also trying to build bridges to international Montessori communities around the world. They publish “Montessori Magazine” 4 times a year. The Norwegian Montessori Society holds an annual leadership conference for all the administrators in their schools and preschools. This is a valuable meeting place for networking, and for exchanging ideas and getting important updates. They also arrange other seminars and assemblies from time to time. In the fall of 2016 they had a get-together for the teachers and leaders of the adolescence schools in Norway.