Montessori Schools and Centres Australia

PO Box 286
Black Rock VIC 3193

AMI is delighted to announce that the new official Affiliated Society in Australia is the Montessori Schools and Centres Australia (MSCA).

AMI endorses MSCA in upholding the highest Montessori values for the Australian Montessori community and recognises the transparent, democratic, not-for-profit governance structure which has been the foundation from which they have grown this organisation.

AMI and MSCA are keen to emphasise to all Montessori educators, leaders and trainers that the affiliation is entirely inclusive and welcoming of all who are working for excellence in Montessori throughout Australia.  It is important to recognise that the unique Montessori landscape of Australia and the government requirement for specific qualifications at each age group mean that they will continue to support the highest quality teacher training and professional development. 

MSCA will continue to respond to their members in striving towards excellence in Montessori for all students across Australia and welcome you all to share in this new affiliation between MSCA and AMI. 

MSCA Board members