The Montessori Society A.M.I. (UK)

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United Kingdom

‘The Montessori Society AMI (UK)’ as it is known today, shares a long history and its roots with Dr Maria Montessori herself.

The Montessori Society was founded on the 3rd January 1934 and set up in order to ‘represent her [Dr. Maria Montessori] in Great Britain and to represent the International Montessori Association…’  *From the original Rules of the Montessori Society adopted in January 1934.

Since that day in 1934, the Society has continued along the same path, bringing to the UK Montessori Community regular publications (the ‘Direction’), selling Montessori-related books, organising conferences and sharing resources via our website,

All the activities of the Society share the sole aim, which is to promote the principles and practices laid down by Dr Maria Montessori herself, and preserve the integrity of her life’s work.