Support and Development of the Method of Maria Montessori in Ukraine


Yuliia Timoshevska

Shampansky Lane, 2/1

The public organisation “Support and Development of Montessori in Ukraine”, is an AMI affiliate founded in October 2014, with the specific purpose of spreading the authentic Montessori-approach in Ukraine.

Their mission is to aid the realisation in Ukraine of support of the natural human development from birth to maturity, which allows children to become a transformative society element and achieve harmony and peace in the whole world.

They consider benefiting as many children as possible and spreading Montessori ideas among the parent-teacher community, which are the main goals and priorities of their activity.

The Affiliated Society’s activities include encouraging membership, providing members with regular Montessori material such as magazines, digital newsletters, e-Bulletins, all of which are translated into Ukrainian. The society coordinates with regional representatives in education, and supports the founding of Montessori schools and/ or projects for all age groups. Organising conferences, seminars and workshops on Montessori method continues to happen, and events are open to the public so that a wider audience is engaged, such as parents, Montessori teachers, pedagogues, administrators and school owners. More information about translations, publications of Maria Montessori books, and activities can be found on the Affiliated Society’s website.