United Arab Emirates Montessori Association

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United Arab Emirates

We welcome Marwa al Quibaisi and Sueyan McPherson today, who both started this association through their shared passions and visions of creating a world where children are respected, parents are supported, and the elderly are treated with the dignity. Together, an Australian living in Abu Dhabi and an Emirati woman - both from completely different backgrounds and generations, both felt a strong desire to help make a difference to some of the challenges facing their communities.

Marwa with seven children of her own and elderly parents recognised that her culture like many other cultures, have challenges and beliefs that deserve to be supported and to even be challenged. 

The aim of the Association is to champion the Montessori movement throughout the 7 Arab Emirates of the UAE under the guidance of Association Montessori International:

•    To liaise with government departments and to have Montessori recognised as an education beyond the early years.

•    To coordinate training, share resources and connect with other Montessori Nurseries/Settings and to raise the standards and the quality of Montessori environments in the UAE.

•    To provide support to parents and take a major role in supporting, educating and training key care providers of children in Emirati families.

•    To bring awareness and the possibility of change in the care and provisions for those living with Dementia and to their families.

Sueyan McPherson and Marwa al Quibaisi United Arab Emirates Montessori Association