29th International Montessori Congress, Thailand

The Montessori Association of Thailand (MAT) is honoured to be hosting the 29th International Montessori Congress. We look forward to welcoming all delegates from around the world with our friendly and traditional Thai smile.

The Thai Montessori community is supported by a diverse range of organisations and groups, where close collaboration has strengthened our presence throughout the country. Montessori is found in both private and public institutions, and is officially represented as a high quality learner centered education program in Thai government schools. We also have an active teacher training centre that has served the needs of this region of the world.

The goal of the 29th International Montessori Congress is to raise awareness and understanding of Montessori education as a global influence in our rapidly changing world. The conference theme, “Education for a New World”, promises to inspire all delegates to appreciate the significance of their work and to return to their homes after the Congress with renewed vigour. As with all international gatherings of this scale, participants can look forward to connecting with others, learning from others, and making new friends.

Delegates are encouraged to extend their experience in Thailand beyond the Congress participation. We welcome Congress delegates to take some time before or after the event to see Montessori in action, either in public, private, urban or rural settings.

We warmly welcome the international community to the Land of Smiles, where we pride ourselves in friendly hospitality, delicious food, and a rich colourful culture. 

Kannekar Butt, Ph.D
President of Montessori Association of Thailand