Sätila 12-18 Diploma Course

The Montessori Centre for Work and Study
AMI Montessori 12–18 Diploma
Adolescents (12-18)
Language: English

Trainer: Jenny Hoglund

Course dates: Two summer course format

Summer 1: 22 June to 31 July 2020

Summer 2: Dates to be determined

Course address: The Montessori Centre for Work and Study, Kärra Gunnlered 7, SE 511 99 Sätila, Sweden

This summer, The Montessori Centre for Work and Study at Sätila, Sweden will host the first AMI Diploma course for the ages 12-18.

An application form with dates, fees and lodging options will be posted shortly. 

For more information please contact [email protected] or visit http://montessoriadolescent.org/

The adolescents have constructed a website here www.montessoricentreforworkandstudy.com

There will be options for accommodation, either at the farm or at the nearby school of agriculture, which is a boarding school 5km away.

Part of the summer will be a residential experience (minimum two weeks, but most likely three).