Country Meadows Montessori School, Gurnee


Elementary (6-12)

Listed 26 October 2023

Country Meadows Montessori School is located in Northern Lake County Illinois seeking a candidate for the 2024-25 academic school year in our Upper Elementary 9-12 year old classroom.

Our Upper Elementary Guide is currently taking the Adolescent Secondary training to replace our existing Adolescent Guide who is retiring after this year. We would be very interested in making this a successful and smooth transition for our candidate. Even if the candidate is currently taking the 9-12 training and would be amenable to self-directed teaching next year, you would be mentored by our current Upper Elementary Guide. Country Meadows would be interested in reimbursing you for the Montessori training program as a part of our contract. The school is very well established in this area and the 9-12 year old program very popular among our school community. Many of the students have been enrolled since our Toddler Program, however, since Covid-19 a couple of years ago, we have been selectively enrolling community students. This is a welcoming, family-oriented school community. Our teachers and assistant teachers continue their employment for many years. Parents are easy to work with and our Administrator is supportive and in her position for 23 years as Head of School. The 9-12 classroom typically enrolls approximately 20 students per year. Their schedule includes Music/Choreography, Physical Education/Fitness and Spanish. Our 6th graders typically move on to enroll in our 7th & 8th grade Adolescent program. Country Meadows prides itself on the safety of our students, promotion of our school