Ruh Early Years, Coimbatore


Assistants to Infancy (0-3), Primary (3-6), Elementary (6-12)

Listed 20 February 2024

Prospective Candidates: Teacher - Assistants to Infancy (0-3); Teacher - Primary (3-6); Teacher Elementary (6-12)

Ruh Early Years, an international preschool concept under the umbrella of SSVM Institutions in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, offers a sustainable learning environment for children aged 6 months to 6 years. Grounded in an amalgamated early childhood pedagogy, our campus nurtures developmental needs through communal and explorative learning spaces. We pride ourselves on a strong sense of community and collaboration, both within our staff and with our families. Excitingly, we're expanding our educational continuum with Ruh Continuum, introducing the Montessori method for elementary education. This extension ensures a seamless transition from early childhood to elementary years, emphasizing self-directed learning, hands-on exploration, and multi-age classrooms.

Ruh is looking for an experienced and trained Montessori teacher who is passionate about working with children, maintains a positive & pleasant attitude and possesses a very warm and compassionate personality. The ideal candidate for this position would be an educator who is flexible in their approach to teaching without having to deviate a lot from Montessori’s philosophy, while they are still open to learning about the other pedagogical approaches and working collaboratively with a team that is passionate about Montessori and a few other alternative education methods to approach early learning and elementary levels.


  • Fluent in written and spoken communication skills preferably a Native English speaker.
  • Comfortable with parent communication
  • Detail Oriented and Dedicated
  • Excellent at record-keeping skills, curriculum development and planning, and lesson planning
  • Good computing skills