AMI Montessori Football Introductory Workshop

With hundreds of millions of children and adults playing and enjoying the game, football is by far the most popular sports in the world. Since football is universal in its appeal to children, we can tap into it to accelerate learning. Football can enhance physical, psychological, social and academic development of children leading to stronger, healthier and more productive adults. The Montessori environment is the best environment for the development of the child, therefore also for sports development. The Montessori Football programme is unique in the sense that it focuses on training (Montessori) teachers, rather than sports trainers.

Attend this workshop and learn: 

  • about the benefits of sports and football to the Montessori child 
  • the concept of connecting Montessori principles to football training 
  • the basic tenets of a prepared sports environment 
  • to develop your own ball skills 
  • to observe training videos