EsF Community Rooted Education (CoRE)

The Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF) Community Rooted Education (CoRE) programme is designed to support the application of Montessori principles and practices to the care and education of children in under-resourced communities. It is centred on the idea that a community grows and flourishes when children are supported to realise their potential. CoRE focuses on supporting early childhood educators during the child’s foundational first 6 years of life. 
CoRE has the unique ability to adapt to its context and support educators by building on the knowledge they have and enhance skills through observation. CoRE specifically targets those who lack access to teacher training and utilises resources that are locally available. The focus of the programme is not on obtaining professional qualifications, rather it supports those working in under-resourced communities to build confidence, deepen knowledge and implement practical tools to support child development. CoRE is implemented by Facilitators, passionate and experienced AMI Diploma holders, alongside other Montessori Credentialed Educators.

The course is approximately 240 hours.

Children holding hands in a Montessori classroom