2023 Annual Global Meeting


Our AMI Annual Global Meeting (AGM) is a major event in our calendar where AMI members and non-members can unite, exchange ideas and discuss the newest insights on Montessori education. AMI also welcomes anyone interested in the topics of child development, sustainability and the future of education.  
The 2023 AMI Annual Global Meeting was an in-person event held in Delft, the Netherlands, from 14–16 April 2023.   
The theme of the 2023 AGM was “Sowing Seeds”, which focused on highlighting innovative programmes and ideas that prepare children, young adults, and society at large for a more harmonious and sustainable future. It provided opportunities for connecting to, and sharing work and ideas with the global Montessori community. 

For members who were not able to attend, the AGM was recorded and will made available shortly.

Our in-person event was held at three venues in Delft.

Use #AMIAGM2023 to connect on social media and share your experience of the event!

2023 Annual Global Meeting crowd
Photos from the AMI Annual Global Meeting at Delft, Netherlands on 14-16 April 2023.
Alain Tschudin, AMI President, speaking at the 2023 AGM
Alain Tschudin, AMI President, gave the following speech at the annual AMI Annual Global Meeting on 15 April 2023 on...
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