2017 Annual Report

Saturday 14th April 2018

Confidence, Curiosity, Courage & Community

‘One knee does not bring up a child’ is a Tanzanian proverb, which succinctly expresses a truly big idea: human education is a lifelong experience, to which many contribute. Our environment will change over time with new people joining our lives; whatever their role: parent, carer, sibling, schoolmate, friend, teacher or colleague, each one will help shape our lives and give us valuable encounters that help us grow.

In our Montessori community we can observe a similar phenomenon: an unsurpassed commitment to supporting human development, absolute faith and confidence in the child’s powers to construct herself.

This steadfast belief can be a manifestation of courage in environments that are slowly opening up to new outlooks on education. We are absolutely amazed and full of admiration for so many members of our community who, sometimes in comparative isolation, start their own journey of discovery and by their unwavering efforts are turning the tide, influencing policy makers, and realising dreams.

Sometimes, when we meet people from within and outside of our network, we find it difficult to communicate the scope and reach of all the activities to which we commit. This Annual Report over the year past brings together highlights from our divisions tasked with promoting our Legacy, growing our Capacity and encouraging Outreach.

We hope you will enjoy getting a glimpse of some of the exciting events that we help engineer or to which we are invited as a driving agent or participant.

A major 2017 event was our International Montessori Congress in Prague. Attended by over 2000 participants from 70 countries it brought together teachers, trainers and students of Montessori in an inviting learning environment. The Congress departed from well known paths, and showed innovation and courage to incorporate important slots for Montessori adolescents, who could voice their views on education and hopes for the world. In addition, prior to the event a special day on working with the aged suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia was offered. Profound thanks are due to the organising team, who are a living testimony to the fact that a strong belief can move mountains.

Changing continents, we are excited to report on the “Bold Goal” Initiative in the United States which has been supporting development of a strategic plan to triple the number of AMI-prepared and supported adults working with children in that country by 2021. We explored a new road, and have been rewarded by valuable insights and encounters, which will also prove beneficial with respect to our worldwide activities.

Our Outreach division is totally committed to new developments: do read about the innovative experience with the Nomadic Samburu people in Kenya, or how we try and influence the way young people are facilitated in their development in a sports environment.

Inquisitive Minds is what we try and foster in the children, but also in our network. We are excited that we can report on an increasing amount of research that is carried out in the world of Neuroscience, Psychology and Anthropology, where outcomes support our determination to move forward and develop Montessori environments for growing numbers of children.

It is not one knee that supports our Montessori community. It is thanks to your energies and the confidence and commitment of our donors that we can solidify our base, grow new and healthy roots in unexplored places and feel validated to engage in challenging and stimulating initiatives.

Philip D. O’Brien, President 
Lynne Lawrence, Executive Director