2018 Annual Report

Monday 1st April 2019

A Natural Engagement with Life

Welcome to our 2018 Annual Report in which we highlight the progress we have achieved In the first year of our new Strategic Plan. Our focus has been both internal in terms of increasing our capacity at head office to better serve the Montessori community, and external as we focus on educational solutions that will increase our accessibility, enabling us to give more children and adults an unparalleled experience of the principles and practice of Montessori education.

We structure our work around three pillars: Legacy | Capacity | Outreach. In this annual report, you will learn more about how we realise our vision and share the impact of our work in many areas.

Reflections by Philip O’Brien and Lynne Lawrence “A Natural Engagement with Life”
New Developments: Strategic Plan, Bold Goal, Strategic Communications, Adolescent Initiative
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