2021 Annual Report

Friday 8th April 2022

Growing the Future

We report with immense pride on a year when flexibility, adaptability and creativity have carried our mission forward at an accelerating pace under the most unpromising circumstances. It is a period when we had hoped to be seeing the influence of the pandemic in rapid retreat but have, instead, watched with admiration as the tenacity and resilience of our community strengthened under continuing pressure. We have also, as a worldwide community, marshalled our support in various ways for those experiencing hardship, deprivation and discrimination and for members of our Montessori community who find themselves the innocent victims of acts of aggression anywhere in the world. While there is no certainty about the future, we can be sure that the fundamental principles that guide us have stood the most severe of tests and that we are prepared for whatever comes next.

Our thanks go out to each and every person who has contributed to bring the work of Maria Montessori to children, young adults and our elders, during the year. It is a pleasure and privilege to be part of your lives and we appreciate every part of the thought, effort and creativity you bring to fulfilling her vision. As we approach a period of planning for a strategic plan that will take us to the threshold of AMI’s 100th anniversary we look forward with excitement and hope to working with you ever more closely.


  • The Prepared Adult
  • Innovations in Social Challenges, Sport and Spaces
  • Supporting Schools and Decision Makers
  • Reaching Out and Making a Difference
  • Worldwide Networks and Collaboration
  • Global Conversations
  • Building a Future on Firm Foundations