Corner of Hope EsF Logos
The first Corner of Hope school was established in 2010 in an Internally Displaced People camp in New Canaan, close to the city of Nakuru, Kenya. The violence after the 2007 elections had caused widespread displacement in Kenya and many... Read More
Delfina Tommasini's student card from the 1950 Montessori training course
“To build a better world was Montessori's lifelong mission. Her pedagogical approach was a way to reach that goal, to transform humanity. She showed us to help children uncover their own potential. Each child has a great responsibility... Read More
Fossil fuel emissions from human activity are driving up Earth's temperature—yet something else is at work. The warming has set in motion nature’s own feedback loops which are raising temperatures even higher. The urgent question is: Are... Read More
EsF Talks Flags and Globe
On 6 January 2021 AMI's Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF) held a unique online session which focused on the social mission of Montessori. This was the first of a series hosted by AMI EsF, where they reflected on the legacy of Maria... Read More
Philip O’Brien
The winter solstice of the Northern Hemisphere is behind us: longer days and more sunshine are coming. 2020 is also behind us, though the scars wrought on the lives of millions of children, particularly those living in disadvantaged... Read More
First Casa dei Bambini
In 1942, on 6 January Maria Montessori shared the story of San Lorenzo and the first Casa dei Bambini with her students: “Today is the anniversary of the opening of the first Casa dei Bambini. Quite often people ask if this method is... Read More