An Enduring Passion for Montessori Teaching

Thursday 14th January 2021

“To build a better world was Montessori's lifelong mission. Her pedagogical approach was a way to reach that goal, to transform humanity. She showed us to help children uncover their own potential. Each child has a great responsibility being part of humanity.” - Delfina Tomassini, November 2020

Delfina Tommasini is one of the oldest surviving people to have been trained by Maria Montessori herself: a student of Montessori’s 1950 course in Perugia, Italy.

Delfina has remained active as a Montessori teacher throughout her working life, and she continues to be dedicated to Montessori’s principles and vision. 

In this interview conducted by Erica Moretti and Alice Graziadei, she shares her inspiring experiences as Maria Montessori’s student and her lifelong commitment to children:

Delfina Tommasini's student card from the 1950 Montessori training course