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In this episode of EsF stories Monique Bekker and Felista Urassa tell the story of the Kilakala Montessori classroom for deaf children in Morogoro, Tanzania. Monique and Felista have been working together to support deaf children for over... Read More
Land for tree planting at the Corner of Hope Montessori school in Nakuru, Kenya
AMI has teamed up with Life Terra, a tree-planting initiative dedicated to combatting the adverse effects of climate change which gives people the opportunity to actively contribute to action. Life Terra and AMI created a tree pledge which... Read More
Alain Tschudin, AMI President, speaking at the 2023 AGM
Alain Tschudin, AMI President, gave the following speech at the annual AMI Annual Global Meeting on 15 April 2023 on the theme: Sowing Seeds. A good book states the following, “For whatsoever a person soweth, that shall they also reap” (... Read More