Donate a Montessori Tree

Wednesday 24th May 2023

AMI has teamed up with Life Terra, a tree-planting initiative dedicated to combatting the adverse effects of climate change which gives people the opportunity to actively contribute to action. Life Terra and AMI created a tree pledge which was launched during the 2023 AMI AGM. The goal is to plant as many trees as possible on the new land of the Corner of Hope Montessori school in Nakuru, Kenya.

You can donate and adopt a tree for only 6 Euros.

Corner of Hope was founded in 2010 by AMI and local partners in a camp for internally displaced persons in Nakuru, Kenya. Thirteen years into existence, the Corner of Hope school in New Canaan is thriving and has become a centre for the community. A second location has opened at a nearby location called Kisima at the request of the community. Corner of Hope has become a model for inspiration and replication, demonstrating a strong foundation in community building, skilled and motivated teachers and flourishing children. The next step for Corner of Hope is a new school building, at walking distance from the first school, where children from 6 to 12, and eventually up to 18, can learn in an inspiring and natural environment. 

The new school will be built on a large plot of land with plans for a vegetable garden where children can learn about nature and the importance of nature conservation. The land is currently completely bare, but the plan is to plant trees and other vegetation to increase biodiversity and create secluded and shaded areas for children to work, learn and explore.

Kenya's unique culture is deeply intertwined with its abundant nature and diverse landscapes. Each region has its own distinct traditions and customs, often influenced by the local environment. The New Canaan community has a profound knowledge of the land, local trees, rain cycles and harvesting practices. Planting trees will not only make the area greener but also allows children to connect with nature and the indigenous wisdom of their communities in an area that is increasingly urbanized. 

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