AMI Training of Trainers Invitation

Wednesday 26th September 2018

AMI Training of Trainers: You can transform lives one teacher at a time by becoming an AMI Teacher Trainer

Inspire others to be the teacher you have become and reach even more children.

You already know it takes someone special like you to become an AMI Montessori teacher. That person was inspired by an AMI Teacher Trainer. It could be you!

AMI Teacher Trainers are rigorously trained and highly skilled to create the best learning environment to prepare Montessori teachers.

AMI Teacher Trainers are in high demand locally and globally. 

Become an AMI certified Teacher Trainer. 


CHINA, Hangzhou (3-6): March 2019 – October 2021
ROMANIA, Iasi (3-6): October 2019 – April 2022
ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires (3-6 in Spanish): September 2019 – March 2022
SPAIN, Barcelona (0-3): October 2019 – April 2022
USA, Hartford (6-12): November 2020 – March 2023

The Seminar Format consists of 6 two-week seminars held over 3 years plus simultaneous attendance and work on two courses, either academic year or modular/summers.


Become an AMI Teacher Trainer

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